Network Printer Problem

I'm having a problem with a printer shared out from my networks print server.

The printer is an HP 4250N. I have about 6 or 7 of them on my network and this is the only one that has been causing problems lately.

I can print to from it fine on my account (a network administrator account) and most of my user accounts can print to it fine. However, there are about four or five accounts that can't print to it at all.

I've had them log onto several different computers to try, and they still can't print. I can print fine to it from anywhere on my network, and the users that have trouble with that one printer can also print to other printers on the network.

I've also assigned the printer different IP addresses, switched its sharing to different servers, and can ping the faulty printer from the faulty accounts. My last attempt was deleting their accounts and recreating them but that proved unsuccessful as well. I'm out of ideas already and hope someone else can think of something I haven't tried yet. Thanks.
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