[WFB] Wood elf pics from the French Games Day

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    Ookaay, time for a rundown...

    Glade Guardian with bow: Finally, GW makes a character model with a
    ranged weapon who looks dynamic. Not sure what the stuff on the base
    is; hopefully it'll paint up well but if not rebasing isn't a major
    hassle. On a 1-5 rating: 4

    Glade Guardian with hunting spear: While it's nice that GW is trying
    to represent more options in the ranges (and giving WE players hero
    models to boot), this model just doesn't work. What's with the strange
    pose? Love the spear as a component, but I hope it's separate from the
    main body so that it can be reposed or used as the basis for a
    two-handed conversion. 2, though the photo quality is too poor to be

    Glade Guard (formerly Archers; the sprue confirms that WE Spearmen are
    out): I like these more every time I see them, and they look great in
    the plastic too. GW's managed cloaks that aren't flapping madly about
    too, which is good. It's hard to be sure, but these seem to be nearly
    completely multipose (I think those are torsos to the upper right),
    though the way the cloaks are moulded to part of the legs is bound to
    constrain poseability somewhat. I really don't think the half-masks
    detract from the models, but since I'm not sure what they're for I'm
    downgrading these to a measly 4.

    Scout Champion: Can't see him very well, but I don't much like the
    pose. 2, subject to improvement when I see more detail. At the very
    least swapping his dagger for a sword posed hilt-downwards could make
    this passable.

    Scouts: From these pictures there's only one pose I particularly like
    (the rear right one), and overall I prefer the details of the current
    ones. 3.

    Dryad: Photo's too poor to make out, and it looks rather odd.

    Treekin: Lemurs? Don't quite look the part somehow... I'm not as sold
    on them as people on the board seem to be; I imagine the multiple arms
    idea was designed to reflect the fact that trees have lots of
    branches, but I don't really think it works. They look like some kind
    of woody Tyranid. 2, verging on 3.

    Love the artwork - pretty heavy LotR feel to the archers piece (since
    they all look like Legolas), which I think is wholly appropriate for
    this race. We don't see enough of the army's selections in enough
    detail to be able to say how it compares with the current one - I
    certainly prefer the current Dryads, think the Scouts are much the
    same in quality and regard the characters and archers as a huge
    improvement. I'm keen on seeing what they've done with the Great Eagle
    - with a decent model, that hunting spear and a dynamic Glade Guardian
    to use as a base for conversion, I may finally get round to finishing
    my conversion of Cedrillion, Lord of Pine Crags. I'm looking forward
    to seeing the plastic Glade Riders and their new steeds, too.

    Philip Bowles
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