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I have asked this question in the storage forum but haven't got the answer I'm after yet so thought I'd ask here in the hope that those using this section might have a better idea of what I need.

In France I have a new Samsung Full HD TV. Last holiday I took a 120gb external USB drive, (like this one [...] subcat=170 )
with a few full & half HD films on it along with a couple of box sets. The idea was to plug the external drive into the laptop that lives over there and watch the films like that. I then discovered that I could plug the drive straight into the back of the TV and all the films etc came up in a menu and could be played directly on the TV. Very cool :D

So on returning to the UK I bought an icybox 3221-b and 2x 2TB WD HDD's to go in it but it's USB port is for flash drives and dongles. My fault for not reading the description properly. :(

I don't really want to setup a network with the laptop and icybox, I really like the idea of just having a small smart looking unit attached directly to the TV with my film/music/photo library all instantly available via the TV's remote. The icybox is no good because it only formats the drives to ext2, ext3 & FAT32. The TV wont read the first 2 and FAT32 is limited to 4gig files which is no good for copying over FullHD media.

Soooooooo, can somebody recommend either a caddy or enclosure that:

I can put the 2x 2TB HDD's into, that has USB out, is fast, supports NTFS format, isn't too ugly and as far as the TV is concerned appears to be just a external USB drive.
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