I received a Westinghouse LED TV for Christmas, and while the picture is great, the standard audio output is poor. I'm trying to hook it up to my Sony Digital Receiver with 5.1 Surround Sound. The manual with the TV says for digital output to hook them up using the SPDIF port on the back of the TV. For analog output, the standard RCA type connector is the correct choice.
The receiver is several years old, and does not have a port labeled SPDIF - is there a cable which has SPDIF on one end (the TV), and RCA plugs on the other? I guess my bottom line question is: will I still have Digital Surround Sound output by using the analog output from the TV?
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  1. spdif can use metal or fiber-optic cable.
    'coaxial' is the standard digital connection.
    'toslink' is a 2nd choice, but uses a weird looking plug.

    you need to be looking for 'coaxial' on your receiver.
    if there isnt one, look for a fiber optic input.
    if there isnt one, check to see if your tv has analog 5.1 jacks (there would be an RCA jack for each speaker)
    if there isnt one, you are going to have to listen in stereo until you find a method to feed the receiver more appropriately.

    maybe you can run the digital wire from your television to your soundcard's input and then output the analog channels to the receiver.
    otherwise you are out of options unless you get a 'standalone' dolby digital decoder.
    it may not be impossible to find such a thing since they are old and now is the time for people to get rid of them for new gear.
    find one with DTS decoding if you can.. otherwise you wont be able to play blu-ray video (maybe not at all)
  2. There is a coaxial input plug on the receiver, but it's under the heading of "antennas" and is marked FM 75 OHM Coaxial. There is no fiber optic jack, but there are two 5.1 RCA jacks under the TV/SAT in column. Judging from your reply, that's the way I should go - straight from the TV to receiver with the two RCA cables.
    Thank you for your prompt reply.
    Digital Dave (not!)
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