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The situation is that i'd have to copy some files from a pendrive but without being able to control the computer during that time. So i was wondering if there's any way to start a program which copies files with the same beginning and do this on pendrive connecting.
Sorry for bad English i don't know how should it be explained what i need to do.
Thanks in advance
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  1. why do you want to do that?
  2. +1 rgd1101

    I don't understand why you want to do that:

    I guess the simple way is to unplug mouse and keyboard so that way the computer cannot be access during that time
  3. You can make an autorun.ini to run a batch file to copy the file from the USB drive to the computer. Just do a search online there are lots of guides. Keep in mind that this has been dissabled in most computers due to viruses and such, but you can enable it on your computer.
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