Gateway P-7805u FX

Hey guys, I just wanted to write up a little something about this laptop since I haven't really seen a ton about it anywhere.

Recently, I bought one of these--well, work bought it for me :D -- and I just wanted to say I am quite pleased with it. Being a long time gamer, I really wanted to be sure I had a machine with strong graphical power, a nice display, and DDR3.

Quick spec view:

17" WXGA+
Centrino core2 - 2.26ghz
4 Gigs DDR3 (1066mhz)
nVidia 9800m GTS
320Gb 7200RPM HDD
and the rest of the standard laptop features

Some features I didn't expect to find that I am happy with include: eSATA, HDMI output!, wireless N, full size keyboard, multimedia controls.

All in all this is a great machine, clearly the CPU could be a bit higher clock speed--but dont let the be an indicator for performance here seeing as how the rest of the machine is made from quality parts that keep things moving quickly.

This laptop handles all of my work functions (system admin stuff; server management, databases, documents, remote, web, etc) very well--and can actually game! I have a rig dedicated to gaming, so I don't need/use the laptop for gaming...but it is nice to see that it actually can run my games (CS:S, COD4, L4D, Killingfloor) quite nicely!

Overall, I give it an 9 of 10! Would only increase this rating for a higher clock speed or a blu-ray drive came with the machine.

EDIT: Screen shot and some pictures of some system info!

Crysis Warhead (using the first level, and cinematic scenes)

Resolution -- 1440x900
AA -- 0x
Blood -- on
Settings -- All set to "Gamer"
Vsync -- off

Average framerate was 26fps, saw dips as low as 17fps during intense firefights--and peaks as high as 38fps while alone in an area, or standing still.

Screen shots (and temps) coming when I get a bit more time!

Counter Strike: Source Video Stress test

Resolution - 1440x900
AA - 8x
AF - 16x
All settings on high
Vsync OFF

After running the stress test three times in a row beginning with recommended (high) settings, then with 2x AA and 16x AF, and finally 8x AA and 16x AF the GPU hit 80C once, but usually stayed around 74C and the CPU never was above 45C. With more demanding games such as crysis or farcry it is safe to say the CPU would be taxed more, and possibly the GPU would go above 80C but it's hard to say without running them.
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  1. Hello :)
    Glad to hear you are happy with it,but if you have written a review with pics/benchmakrs it would be better :)
  2. I know, I would like to have done so--but I dont really have to means to do it right here in my office, that's why I just put up a link and threw down some of the features and things I like about it.

    I did run it on 3dmark actually, but for the life of me can't remember how it did. For a laptop it was fine, but nothing to brag about in general haha.

    I will try to run another 3Dmark test, any other software I should use to report back with??
  3. When I view my 3Dmark results online it compares to "common systems"...since when is the common system an i7??? lol I think that may be a bit unfair to compare a dual core laptop to an i7 machine, but oh well. I guess it is a benchmark none-the-less.
  4. Thanks for the pics :) they look nice :) Don't care much about 3DMARK and its results :) the FPS in games is important,looking forward for some benchs like Crysis benchmark tool,or some games that have built in benchmark tool like FarCry 2,i also like to know the temps under gaming :)
    Thanks again for putting your time and posting :)
  5. I dont actually have Crysis, I play Counter Strike: Source competitively. I could post a screen shot of the CS:S video stress test...I will also snag a SS of the GPU/CPU temps after running the CS:S video stress test once I get chance!
  6. Thanks :)
  7. Done, and done!
  8. Thanks a lot :)
  9. I now have Crysis, and Crysis: Warhead--when I get the time I will install them both and run some more tests on this laptop to give you guys an idea on how it runs. I gotta believe it will not run "high" settings very well--but we'll see what happens :)
  10. good post their benchies too because i am going to make a new sticky thread about laptop reviews and i want to post yours in it too :)
  11. Ok, cool! I will try and have it within this week.
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