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Where to find OCZ Value VX?

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August 13, 2005 10:20:42 AM

After reading the AnandTech Value Ram Roundup a while back I wanted to get some for my next build. Now that it's time, I started searching for Ocz Value VX series and had some trouble finding it. I've found the OCZ Value Series rated at 2.5-4-4-8 (OCZ4001024V25DC-K), but can't find the Value VX Series rated at 2.5-3-3-7 (OCZ4001024WV3DC-K *Not Sure*). Any thoughts on where one could obtain this and any experience in OC'ing comparable to the AnandTech review?

I'm looking for a matched pair of 2x512 or maybe a suggestion for a comparable set of 2x1GB that could get decent timings at a decent price.

I'm not set on getting Value Ram, but the results from that review had me thinking it was possible to get good Value Ram for light Oc'ing. What about a good 2x1GB pair one step up?

Thanks for any help.


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August 13, 2005 2:19:46 PM

Since Monarch is listing them at $141, I was considering this bundle from newegg:

Decent 1GB sticks for under $120 each right? Anything else ya'll would suggest? Still not sure about spending almost $250 on ram though. What are yalls thoughts on price drops in the near future, say 1-2 months? Anything substantial? I think I can live with my 1024 mixed bag for the time being, but want to switch up here pretty soon.

Also, whatever I get will probably be dropped into an Epox Ep-9NDA3+ if this would help in your advice.