Best 22" Monitor (This is an Easy One)

To All Tom's Hardware Posters:

I am not a noob when it comes to computers, but I do admit I am only a teenager and am not a Microsoft Certified Professional or anything and I don't know half of the stuff most of you all know on here (so thus I am posting this question.)

I have scoured the forums here and a multitude of other websites on the best monitors for gaming. I am not rich, and the GPU I have is the XFX 9800 GTX+ Black Ed.

None the less, my speakers (I know what you are going to say... trust me I already have) and monitor are currently Dell. I ahve an XPS system which I then took bits and pieces of and built my own custom PC which is about 23918723x as good :D

However I digress... my real issue here is that I need a good monitor, and preferably a Dell, because I have yet to secure a job and my parents just about despise me for spending any more money on my computer, so I want to utilize the sound bar speaker I already have for Dell but I think they won't fit anymore (its the 5650 series...)

I was looking at the S2309W and the SP2309W, however the only difference I can see is in the res., but then the SP series purportedly has this low-res "squealing" sound when exposed to the Gaming Mode or black screens.

In any case, I just want a monitor with the following:
-1080 res (I don't care if it is a TN or others)
-(If possible) a Matte Screen Finish
-Good for Gaming (No mouse lag, I play FPS like a bandit)
-HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE, and Tilt & Rotate if Possible

Here are some screens I was looking at also. If you don't want to look yourself, at least tell me my best option out of these:
1) Dell SP2309W -
2) Dell S2309W -
3) HP 2159m -;HHOJSID=88hJJ9PRbxdypmQSpy9Gsn7fhGTGj1DQQyZwJQpxnj76bQ21w4y7!-2062931077 (Probably not though)

Thanks! I appreciate the response, I know you are all busy and this post was quite long... but I would love even a quick answer!


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  1. Between the Dell SP2309W/ S2309W models and BenQ E2400HD/ E2200HD, I prefer BenQ or the LG W2442PA.

    Dell SP2309W comes with audio connection and webcam but webcam driver can be problematic to install USB won't work if driver is not insatlling either, check Dell site before purchasing this unit as you might be disapointed if you can't instal the driver; I hope it's not one of the reason why you're considering this unit.

    Between the E2200HD and HP 2159m, benq is less expensive, unfortunately I don't know which is beter. I know benq is bright and color is nice too.

    HP 2159m vs Dell SP2309W, I prefer HP

    It all comes down to what you really like, check the reviews to make sure the menu systems are easy to control too.
  2. I bought the BenQ E2200HD a while ago and am totally satisfied with it. Got it for $235 , I chose it because of the many good reviews and of course the decent price compared towards other manufacturers. If you're lucky you can get it for around $200.

    Anyway, both the Dell and the BenQ have TN panels, though Dell has a wider color gamut and a higher resolution (2048x1152 vs 1920x1080). The Dell is more expensive but has a few pixels more. But I personally I think that doesn't make up for the price difference.

    An alternative could be the HannsG HW-220DPB or the BenQ G2220HD.
  3. The HP is probably better of the ones you picked. One thing to consider is that at higher res your video card isn't going to be able to do as many fps so you might be better, especially with that 9800 going with a regular 22'' monitor. Also if your dead set on 1080 then you'll save a little money going with a 21.5'' monitor. You'll also save some money shopping on newegg.
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