Keyboard not responding at boot

I booted up my desktop, it booted fine, then I restarted it because I wanted to cconfigure the BIOS. But couldnt get into the BIOS and my keyboard stopped working. My computer then brought up the black&white screen with two options:
Startup repair and
Start windows normally
I couldnt choose so it went to startup perair, now it tried startup repair the 20th time and my USB keyboard still isnt working.
I've tried system restore, and it isnt working!

Help please!
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    try another usb port. sometime there are glitches with usb devices and usb 3.0 ports. try one of the older 2.0 ports. if your keyboard still will not light. make sure only the keyboard and mouse are plugged in. sometimes having an iphone or hub connected at post will pull to much power from the usb chipset and hang the usb ports. if another keyboarddfoes the same thing. power the pc off and use the clear the cmos jumper to clear the may have turned off your usb ports.
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  3. thank you that worked :)
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