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So I've been searching around for some answers/insight into setting up an hdtv as a computer monitor...and basically all I have so far is that I absolutely must find a 1080p solution. My question is....really? I know that 1366x720 or whatever is lower than my current 22" monitor set at 1680x1050...however, if i get a 32" 720p screen and enlarge the font size a little bit, should that be functional? I'd be able to set all my games on the highest setting possibly graphically at that level...

Second question is...is 32" too large for sitting in front of a desk? Like I said, my current monitor is 22"...so 10" difference might be mind boggling...plus I've read people saying that they had to get a portable lapdesk solution and sit further away from the screen in order to deal with a large screen....buuut, those posts were like 6 years old. Anyhow, should I consider 26" or 27" instead of 32"?

So to wrap up my post...is 1080p necessary, or can I live with 720p and turn all graphics up on my games...and is 32" too big?
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  1. To help mwith your first question, Change the resolution of your current computer to 1024 by 768 and play your favorite game. Do you like it? 1024x768 is a bit higher resolution than 720P. Now you have the facts and can make up your own mind.
    Next the recomendations for a 32" are 4 to 6.66 feet away and a 26" are 3.25-5.5 feet away.
    Just the facts!
  2. I once had the same doubt. I also have a 22" desktop monitor and a 32" HDTV 1080p. Although it seems awesome to be having a 32" monitor on the desk, just try keeping it - - it's so damn big and bright that I couldn't tolerate it for more than one day.

    Also, playing games was a headache since you have to move your head up and down every second. Also as the last post goes, the recommended viewing distance is much more than that.

    Now I have had the HDTV mounted on the wall for movies and my old 22" for desktop work.

    You decide.
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