AMD Turion II ultra vs intel Core 2 Duo for laptop

I need some advise? I am looking at buying a new laptop soon, but I'm trying to decide between which one would suit me better? :bounce:

I've been eyeing a new HP laptop, with dedicated video card, 3-4 gig ram, 320 gig or more hard drive, HDMI port, etc. with a budget of around $800.

I would be doing mostly viewing and some editing High res pics (18 meg pictures from a Canon 7D camera teathered to the laptop during portait photography) and some HD video viewing and maybe editing?

Would the laptop with the AMD Turion II Ultra (M600 2.4 ghz) chips?
Or the Intel Core 2 Duo (T6600 2.2 Ghz) chips be a better choice?
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  1. T6600 would be better
  2. Thank you,
    I was thinking the intel chip would probably be better, but it is about $150 more ($750 versus $900) for that model than the one with the AMD chip, of the 2 models I am looking at.
    I wanted some opions from more knowlegable people than myself, as I try and make a decision which one to buy.
  3. Maziar said:
    T6600 would be better


    why is the m600 worse than the T6600.

    I was under the impression that the T6600 was an older processor.

    what is the benefit over the m60o.?

    I am on the fence. and I know intel always prices out Higher.

    have had only two intels and 3 amd. currently using intel on a dell sys.

    any info would be appreciated.


  4. If you don't mind I would like to know what you decided on here?
    I want to buy a computer, preferably a laptop for photo editing also.

    Can you give any advice from all your research and hopefully now purchase?

  5. with a $800 budget, you can move on to a core i3 processor at least, so why stick with the last gen processors?
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