I disabled my firwire by accident.

I was disabling irq's and accidentally disabled my firewire pcie. How do I enable it?
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  1. where ever you disabled it, re-enable it.
  2. When I disabled it I got a message saying "disabling this device will cause it to stop functioning" I press ok, then it refreshes and is no longer on the list. It was in (PCI) 0x00000010 (17)
    I no longer get this category listed only 16 and 19.
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    It could be just hidden, under view(or right click) there should be a "show hidden devices"
    Or turn off, remove the firewire, reboot, turn off, add it back, go to the device manager and "scan for hardware changes"
    Or might have to do a system restore if you have a recent one.
  4. Worst case, performing a system restore to a time before you disabled it should restore it.
  5. I just did a system restore. Everything back to normal Thanks guys.
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