Problem with sony handycam cannot play video recorded in the cassette

I cannot play back my recording. I had no problem with recording but when I tried to play back the cassette seemed to be empty, cannot see anything. Even those cassettes that I have recorded before, could be played before now I cannot play them anymore, they seem to be empty cassettes. So could anyone help me to solve this problem?

Thanks a lot
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  1. the read/record head is probably aged.

    i dont know if the read and record function is on the same head.
    and i dont know how easy it is to get a replacement cartridge.
    but the price of digital video recording devices are at such a low price.. perhaps its better to buy something new with a warranty.
  2. I Too Have The Same Problem.......
    Is There Any DIY Solution To Fix This Unusual Problem ?

    My Sony Handycam Camera Model No Is
    Sony DCR-TRV285E.
    I Also Composed One Video About My Problem But Till Now I Think No Body Has The Solution This Fix This Problem.

    Sony Handycam TRV 285E Unusual Problem Video

    Many Times I Tried To Clean The Playing HEAD With The Isopropyl Alcohol But It Only Worked Once And Worked Just For About 5 Minutes.
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