Must choose between 3 laptops

I have been searching through reviews,cpu and graphic cards spec's for a laptop to raplace an ageing desktop.(at a reasonable price)
I have narrowed it down to three.
HP DV7-2215SA
Samsung R522-JSO1(cant find a recent review for this)
Which would play FSX the best.
Or is there something better. (needs to be available online in europe)

Thanks this is head wreaking.
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  1. I would chose which ever has the ebst graphic card, to find out which is best check each graphic card here

    There is a list to the right after you do your first search and it lists in order the best to worse currently the Nvidia 280M is the best
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    I couldn't find the specs for the Sony Vaio. Between the HP and the Samsung though, the HP seems like the better choice. The HP has a dedicated ATI HD 4530 which is better that the Intel GMA 4500. The HP also comes with an extra gb of RAM and a faster HDD.
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