Will my laptop explode?

Ok I have a laptop and on it I have windows vista installed, it came that way from the shop and I also have the vista cd and a drivers cd that came along

Now what would happen if I installed windows xp on my laptop, would that make my computer break because it can not understand how to operate the battery and how to reload it or something?

Also what would happen if I installed windows xp and the driver cd that game along with the computer would that make the computer break since it most likely was made for windows vista and installing that on a xp version is bad
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  1. No, your machine won't break. It may not know the best way to use certain things like it's graphics card until you install drivers, but your graphics card will still work just fine.

    Why do you want to install Windows XP? Vista is superior to it, and is a pretty darn good OS.
  2. ^ I kinda agree about Vista.

    Yes you can install XP. Like Frozenlead said, you may just have to find some drivers that Windows XP can't find.
  3. It seems that when I try to install xp the computer can not find any hard drives so it looks like it is not possible

    I put in the cd the thing starts then I click install it says no hard drives found and gives me only a reboot option
  4. That means you need the SATA drivers for XP to be able to see the hard drive. google Nlite it's a utility that will allow you to incorporate the drivers into an XP install disk
  5. ^What he said. Any version of XP that was before SP2 required drivers for SATA hard drives, otherwise they wouldn't be recognized.
  6. Thanks for the info did not know about Nlite and why xp because it uses less of the hardware so that leaves more for games haha!
  7. After looking on the nlite page I can say that it looks complicated the file is too big for a normal 1.44mb disk so how do I exactly use it to install windows xp, exactly

    I have a 100% legal windows xp cd which I got when I bought another pc back in the day so how do I use that with the Nlite?
  8. Nlite will allow you to integrate the needed SATA drivers into the Windows XP CD itself - there's no need for the floppy.

    Google is your friend:
  9. Yes I found a guide, thanks ;)
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