Computer Hangs on Startup Before Windows Begins Loading

when I push the Start pr restart button, all the various lights come on and the disk activity light blinks twice then goes out. That is it. Nothing more. The process hangs, although the various lights remain on.

Sometimes, by playing with F9 as it starts or restarts, it sometimes kicks in. then I hit F9 again and it asks me whether I wish to use a boot from the DVD or hard drive. When I choose hard drive it loads normally.

Other times, when I tap the F2 key it kicks in and begins loading properly. Problem is it is one it 8 or 10 times and I am going to blow my power bar at some point.

Startup Repair says all is fine.

The hard disk and memory pass all the tests.

I have use vista Home Premium 64 vary successfully for 18 months.

Any suggestions?
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  1. If you're hitting things and that's making the machine boot, you might have a loose connection. Try using an external monitor, and see if you can boot it. If you can, try hitting the machine with the same force as when you hit the keys, but in a place that's not a key (but near them - if you follow).

    I'm not sure what you meant by blow your power bar...can you explain what you were trying to say better?
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