Gaming Netbooks?

Thus far, are there any Netbooks even worthy of middle ranged gaming or even Crysis at low-medium worthy?
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  1. No because of their low-end graphics they can't handle games liek Crysis but some old games will be OK on low settings
  2. ..but as far as netbooks go, gaming is a zero.
  3. frozenlead said:
    ..but as far as netbooks go, gaming is a zero.

    If it's an older game and the system is ION based, then maybe. Crysis, not a chance.
  4. I thought the OP meant notebook :P I'll edit my post
  5. Jesus... just get a Nintendo DSi! No Crysis, but it'll help you pass time when you're travelling.
  6. even with the ion or ion2 can crysis be run at the very least 20fps of low settings? Even with a slideshow at times? This would actually be a feat
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