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Just bought my first HDTV so I'm kind of a noob. I know a little bit about settings and whatnot, but one thing that I can't figure out is a strange effect that my TV does on some scenes that are in HD. It's very hard to explain but I'll do my best, and for the life of me I can't find any information via google or whatever.

If a scene or moving picture involves several lines right next to each other, they seem to..i dunno.. blend? Things like when someone is wearing a stripped shirt, or a wire fence in the background, anything that involves thin lines really close to each other. Is it a type of image noise? if so how do I get rid of it? I wish I could explain it better, i know I've seen this effect on other tv's before, just never thought to ask about it. :S

Any help would be great.
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  1. Check out the below page and see if it describes your pattern:
  2. fazers_on_stun said:
    Check out the below page and see if it describes your pattern:

    :O YES! Thank you, that's exactly what it is. Anyway to fix that? Or is it something during the recording process? Can't seem to find the fix from the wiki but I'll look around here and google. But yea, that's exactly the issue, thank you.
  3. Without sophisticated test equipment or special filter screens, you can never be totally free from moire. You can try dialing your contrast up and down a bit, or turning your noise-reduction settings up and down. It normally presents in playback, but can be captured in recording - more commonly in digital photography.
  4. ^ +1. I have a "Sound & Vision" Home Theater tune-up DVD that lets you adjust brightness & contrast to minimize moire, but it won't eliminate it completely. About $40 on, but worth it if you have more than one HDTV, IMO.
  5. ahh that's to bad.. oh wells, I'll play with it a little more.. Thanks a bunch for the answers. :)
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