Need Help with HDMI Switch

Ok so I am having some really strange problems:

When I connect my PC and xbox 360 together to a hanns-g 28 my monitor will randomly "reset" like it's changing connections, and also have discolored pixels, like the pixels will change to pink or green and then if I squeeze the bezel it fixes itself?????

At first I thought it was the monitor but I RMA'd it twice!!!! Comes back every time with random pixels and power/signal resets with switches connected.

It only happens with the switch, and then I bought another switch, SAME FING thing.

Could I have gotten 2 bad switches?? Can the Hanns-g not handle switching?

Can I not switch the xbox and PC??

Anyone have any crazy clues??

Here are links to my hardware:

Hanns G Monitor

Rosewill switch

3 port switch
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