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I have an Alesis ML 9600 Masterlink in my live Sound rack for recording.
I have to double as a musician/vocalist and "sound man" when we play out. For recording purposes, I find it is easier to record each set on it's own single track.. Now that I have started this.. I am finding that some sets run much longer and the ecording track is too large to render and burn onto a CD. Do we have any Masterlink users out there who can guide me. It seems that even if I split the tracks I am still looking at a file that is too large to render and then burn. Can I split the track onto different playlists? Well you get the picture.. Would appreciate any help I can get..

Rev Ron
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  1. This is about a year late and maybe the writer of this post has figured it out by now. But for anyone experiencing the same problem: Think of your songs as tracks individually and record them as individual tracks. i.e song 1,2,3,4 etc...each time you record a new song/track press the new track button i.e. after song 1 is recorded press (new track) and proceed to record track 2. Whenever a song is recorded to keep them in order always make sure the last track number recorded is showing by using the>> to get to the last song recorded before pressing (new track). For instance the ML-9600 can go back to track 1 after you record track 2 so move>> to track 2 before recording track 3 and so on.... This way your tracks/songs are separated, not too overly long for rendering whether you add DSP or not. (Render them 1 at a time) and then burn your CD.
    Hope this helps!
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  2. All I can add is read the manual over and over until you understand and can perform all functions. Understand files and tracks and how they work. Everything I wanted to do and thought I could not do, I kept reading and found my way. This has been one of the best purchase for my studio. I use mine with an Alesis HD24!
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