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What to do about this TV? (Fix or recycle)

I have found this tv on craigslist. It is a Mitsubishi 80'' older style tv. It is free and wonder if it is worth my time to fix/sell/part out/recycle for money.

Here is what he said on his post.
"I have a non-working 80" Mitsubishi projection HDTV. Didn't display green when I bought it, then wouldn't power on at all when I got it home. Likely fixable with minor circuit repair, but I just need it gone. The picture was fine (minus green) and the sound was great the last time it worked. You will need a truck, I'll help load. It's a few hundred pounds."
The model number is VS-80803.
I've never fixed a tv or taken one apart but am happy to learn if it is worth my money and time. Is it dangerous?
Are there websites that would buy TVs for recycling like they do with computers and cell phones?

I've never worked on a tv before but I assume it could possibly be like working on a computer? It has a power suppply and pother parts similar as I understand.
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More about what recycle
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    This is a 'boat anchor'! Difficult to give away!
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  3. Thank you!
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