How Exactly does EAX work?

Hi Gang,
I'm new to x-fi creative technology. I recently updated to a mobo that has x-fi built in.
My question is this: Under the Creative Console there is an "EAX" option. If I click the check mark to enable it, there is a choice of about 10 different listenining environments and I HAVE to choose one via a radial button.

I was under the impression that EAX worked in conjunction with openAL and used code that the developers put into the games to expand the environment. If that were the case, i would not have to choose a particular environment in the Creative console correct?
I have the following options:
Jazz Club
Opera Hall
Orchestra Pit
Rectical Hall
Royal Hall
Stone Hall

I would like EAX enabled when playing games for the GAMES EAX settings, not the Creative Consoles pre created environments. If I turn this "enable EAX Effects" check box off, will I still recieve EAX effects from the game I'm playing or do i have to enable EAX in the Creative Console as well and randomly pick one of those options?

Please Advise! :pt1cable:
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  1. The listening environments affect how audio is interpreted; a Theatre would be optimized for classical music listenting, for instance, etc. Idiotic they actually make you choose one though...

    I think you should be able to ignore the Creative console and just use the games EAX settings, but then again, it IS Creative we're talking about...
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