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i have updraded an inspiron 8600 which i have upgraded to 32 bit windows 7. I don't see any need to debate the wisdom this. the os is working fine. processor is fast enough and cool. from the factory (with XP), the laptop has a wireless card - Intel p/c WM3A2100NADELL model WM3A2100 ... Dell p/n 09y200......Rev A01. i need a driver. when dell sees that it is an inspiron 8600 it provides xp drivers which immediately tell me they wont work. i have not been able to find anything useful from intel either.
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  1. Intel only released Vista drivers for that adapter. But, being so old they may not be available any longer. If that's the case you'll have to purchase a USB based wireless adapter with Windows 7 drivers.
  2. where are the vista drivers. how do i access them. vista is closer to 7 than xp. maybe they will work.
  3. www.intel.com
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