How to set polarity of LNB for telstar IA5 Ku

My existing fta install by technician to get telstar ia5/Ku. It works good but only dual outlet lnb. I replace it with quad outlet lnb for more tv, but did not get picture (0% quality). Do I have to adjust polarity for the new one? If yes. Which one?
My ex setting:
Satellite = T5/KU
LNB type = standard
LNB freq = 10750
22 Khz = off
Diseqc = 1
Skew = -45
TP =(4)11929 V 22000
Position setting = disable
Sat Scan = fta + scramble
Level = 82%
Quality = 43%
Existing dual lnb = .3db
New quad lnb = .2
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