Need more HDMI slots: does adapter exist?

I have a Panasonic 50" HDTV (TH50PX600U) which has 2 HDMI slots. Both are being used--one to Comcast DVR box, one to something else--maybe my Blue Ray DVD player. I have a ROKU box for Netflix and would like to use one HDMI cable for it instead of component wires.

Does an adapter exist which allows you to connect a cable from one TV HDMI slot into the adapter, which has additional HDMI slot/s, so as to provide more DHMI slots than the 2 I have?

If so, what is it called?
Does it compromise the positive effects of using HDMI in the first place?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. The device you're looking for is called an HDMI Switch. Here are some options from However, I'd probably try a little test before speding any money. Try swapping out the Comcast DVR's HDMI connection with component cables. See if you can tell the difference (both audio and video). If not, leave that connection in place and use the now availble HDMI port with your ROKU box.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Thanks, Wolf. I'll check into that. Unfortunately the opening to the back of my components is small enough to make it a PITA to try the swap, but I'll take a couple of Excedrin and try to get up for it ;-)
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