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3D bluray players & A/V Receiver

Will the 3D ready bluray players put out a 3D picture through a non 3D ready A/V receiver mainly the Pioneer 7-Channel A/V Receiver VSX-919AH-K.
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  1. it might not

    recomendation get only the Bluray connected directly with the TV and then make a sound output with an Optical cable to get the sound out of the TV

    you can also get the Bluray connected with the TV and also with the AV reciver with an Optical cable connected directly

    is because of the Hertz that the TVs and Bluray players have to work on your AV reciver might not be able to send it properly
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    3D is supposed to require HDMI 1.4, and unless your AV receiver states it is 1.4 compatible, it is most likely HDMI 1.3. Probably wouldn't hurt to try, however.
  3. I got everything hooked up right through my 3D ready theater system to my dlp tv just fine 3D is theater quality here is the set up pass through in order 1. PS3 with update 3.50 or higher for 3D bluray movies/games ready 2. onkyo TX-SR508 3. IR emitter for the Mitsubishi DLP 60C9 4. Mitsubishi DLP 60C9 5. using the XPAND DLP LINK 3D glasses model: X102. and everything works perfect!!!!!
  4. OHH forgot to say the Mitsubishi DLP 60C9 only requires the 1.3a HDMI cable for 3D.
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