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Need help with a tungsten C. help with everything.

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April 30, 2012 11:32:30 PM

I just bought a used Palm Tungsten C. It's fully functioning, but I'm having tons of problems understanding it. I'm 20 and in my days as a technology using person, I've only seen and used blackberries and ipods and iphones... never even touched one of these, and i'm having a horrible time understanding it.

Here's my tons of questions.

I have Windows 7 and it won't sync. I'm doing it properly, but when i plug it in and start the hot sync, it tries for a minute and then the computer tells me that it failed and the tungsten tells me it failed. i have also tried with wifi and the pda tells me it failed. It doesnt have bluetooth but my computer does. i've read that windows 7 doesn't sync with it even with the software. is that true? is there any way around it?

since i can't hot sync it, i haven't been able to get / install any apps... anything i can do to get a better browser? The one that comes on it won't even load facebook's newsfeed.

I can't figure out versamail, it's insane. i use gmail and mozilla's client on my computer, not outlook, and i can't sync the pda anyway, so i was trying to set up pop servers and whatever else but it will NOT work with gmail and i searched for hours and know i did it right. well. 90% sure i did it right. Then i tried Yahoo, which versamail supports, but guess what - you know have to PAY for yahoo to forward emails. Ugh.

can anyone please, please please help??! i'm desperate.

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May 1, 2012 7:44:10 PM

That software will run on Vista and under, and they state it "may" run on 7.

Try a different operating system if you can't get it working on 7.

What apps are you looking for anyway? That thing is old, don't expect it to run anything recent, especially web sites.
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