Viore 32" 1080p LED-LCD HDTV not actually 1920x1080 pixels?

Just wondering if many 1080p LED or LCD HDTVs are really some native resolution less than full 1920x1080 pixels?

Both my "1080p" TVs seems to overscan such that when connected to a PC, and I set the display to 1920x1080 they don't show the top and bottom of the screen, and I can't see the control bar at the bottom, or any icons (trash) I keep at the top corner of my screen.

I know I can set scaling to fix this, or I can set my display card to be something like 17xx X 9xx but just wondering why I seem to have to do this, or am I missing something here?

Looks to me like both my Tosh 42XV540U and Viore LED32VFZ61 (sold only at Walmart as far as I can tell) both have this problem and look to me to be less than "full 1080p" televisions.

Just wish actual native display resolution was in the specs so I would know before I bought them; might have spent the extra $ for a real 1080p display if I'd understood the actual specs.

Seems actual info on this subject is hard to find ;-)
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  1. What you are experiencing is common when connecting a PC to an HDTV. You need to go into your video card control panel (like Radeon's Catalyst Control Center), look for something similar to "HDTV Scaling". Typically adjusting it to 100% should resolve the issue.

    My LG 47LH90 has an Aspect Ratio option called "Just Scan" which was a simple fix for my issue.

    I believe all LCD HDTV starting at 32" and all Plasma HDTV starting at 46" are 1920 x 1080.
  2. Jaguarskx is correct in ati Catalyst its called overscan and can be adjusted to make the display larger or smaller. It a pain to find in Catalyst manager.
    Good luck
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