Lenovo S12 vs. HP Mini 311

Hey everyone,

I am wanting to purchase a netbook and have been looking at the HP Mini 311 series and the Lenovo S12. I like them both since they both have slightly larger screens and resolutions and the dedicated graphic chips.

The HP does not specify if the ION chip is ION LE or the full blown ION on the site, compared to the Lenovo which says it is the NVIDIA ION with 256mb dedicated video memory. Also I am wondering how the keyboard and trackpad are for both. This is a pretty big deal I think on some of the netbooks and on alot of netbooks quality in trackpad and keyboard is overlooked.

So basically I want to try and get some opinions which netbook is better and higher quality.

There is a deal right now for the Lenovo S12 (link below) making it about 50 bucks cheaper than the HP Mini 311 with the same stuff. [...] 27614.html

PS, I need this very soon so I cannot wait for any other models or releases.
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  1. In my opinion, IBM (Lenovo) makes better quality laptops and netbooks in terms of lasting longer with minimal hardware problems, at least compared to HP. I'd go for the Lenovo due to the cheaper price and better quality.
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    The HP is an ION LE:
    An Nvidia ION LE graphics card for smooth playback with 1080p HD video


    The Lenovo seems like the better deal.
  3. Hi,

    I am also thinking of buying one of the above two laptops. I had nearly decided on the HP before seeing this forum. Could you explain more on why you think lenovo is better ?

    The thing about HP is that it seems to ship in like a day whereas the lenovo site says it will ship the s12 in 4 weeks. Also, the HP mini seems really good to open up and replace parts later on (I think I would really like to upgrade to a SSD , which none of the laptops seem to provide as an option)[1]. The HP's keyboard also seems nicer. And I have generally noticed HP screens to be much nicer.

    Also, the price isn't really a concern for me -- I just want a lightweight laptop with a nice keyboard that I can carry around easily and program in. I don't want a optical drive , but a nice screen to look at what I am coding and a good keyboard are the most important things , followed by light weight. Do you think I should look at any CULV based systems over this? any you guys have in mind ?
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