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Right now i've got 512 kingston value ram 2x 256 dual channel in my system. If i order 1gb of a different ram and use the other two slots 2x512, or even just another 2x 256, will dual channel still work? Do all 4 sticks need to be the same exact memory? I know you cant mix in a single channel, but between channels? channel A being the kingston value ram and channel b being something else, 2 x 256 PQI for example, or 2 x 512 pny


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  1. You can have two different pair, making up a 768MB channel and a 768MB channel for dual-channel mode.

    Whether the modules will play nice with each other is a different problem, you could have a stability issue.

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  2. Intel 865 GBF mobo and what ever intel chipset it comes with

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    12Mhz of pure <b>power</b></font color=orange>
  3. I bet the chipset is the 865!

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  4. You can run four identical DIMMs in dual channel on Intel 865 chipset.

    You can also run dual-channel with 2x256MB + 2x512MB, but you need to make sure the DIMMs pairs are populated like so:

    slot 0 --> 256MB
    slot 1 --> 512MB
    slot 2 --> 256MB
    slot 3 --> 512MB

    As Crashman pointed out running 4 DIMMs may cause stability problems. It is recommended to stick with two double-sided DIMMs. 2x512MB double-sided DIMMs are the best memory setup for the 865 chipset.

    Also, two double-sided DDR-400 DIMMs in dual channel offers the best performance on the 865 chipset.

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