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Hey guys,
I'd like to ask for your expert recommendation...
I've just moved to a new city and I'm starting buying stuff for my apartment.

So. I want to buy a receiver, speakers and of course a tv.
Basically I do not care to much about the tv. I mean I'd like to watch sports, but for the movies, tv series, etc I've download everything on HD quality and use a computer or my pop corn to watch it. So I really don't care about blu-ray... may be I could buy a PS3 to get both games and movies.

I really enjoy quality, so I'm looking here to get a pretty good equipment.
I don't care to have a huge tv... I really prefer quality instead of size... so a 42-46 should be ok for I think.

Going back to the system my new space is interesting, since is rectangle, so would easier to configuration the system:
13x11x9.5 feet

I'm really not sure what do you think it's better a 5.1 or a 7.1 configuration so please feel free to suggest me.
Ok going to numbers... my inicial budget is $2000, 1k for the tv and the rest for the audio...
Do you thnk that this budget is enough? should I spend more?

Thanks in advance for you answers...
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  1. Your budget is plenty fine.

    For the Sound System
    I've been reading alot on this particular ONYKO system, the HT-S9100THX - a THX certified 7.1 sound system.
    It's got crystal clear audio quality as reviewed by CNET

    You can find some good prices on it if you search in google the model name and then click "shopping" under the search filters.

    I found this one to be a pretty good deal:!ORDERID!

    Remember, THX is a spec sheet and can be exceedingly difficult to certify. This indeed must be a great system.

    Here's the manufacturer's page on this product:

    *When looking at other systems, make sure you notice the signal to noise ratio + frequency response as these can be huge indicators of quality*

    For the TV
    As you stated, the TV isn't as large of a priority as the sound - definitely a noble approach.

    I've got a 32" Polaroid 1080p LCD and it's been a spectacular TV. HDMI inputs, high quality built-in speakers with surround emulation, etc. It was a great investment for only $500 USD! Hmm...obviously you're looking for something larger. I would recommend checking out some basic Samsung LCDs like the one here -

    Vizio is an American company if you're Union biased and they make some great TVs. Check out this model - it particularly caught my eye.

    No matter what you do, make sure the TV you get has HDMI, 1080p, a decent response time with a fast refresh rate and you should be set. I'd say stay away from ANYTHING Sanyo - I've had horrible experiences with their products. Like you said, it isn't a priority - so shoot lower and save yourself some money - but remember the recommendations.

    Good Luck sir.
  2. Dunno how big your apartment is - that Onkyo system's speakers are a bit large.

    I have a home office that I'm fitting for 7.1 - I chose the Onkyo SR607 AV amp since it was on sale at for under $400, but for speakers I went with the Klipsch Synergy III for center and 4 satellites, and a pair of Klipsch reference bookshelf speakers for the front right & left, and a Klipsch 350 8" subwoofer as the room is not huge, just large. As you can tell, I favor Klipsch speakers :).

    Anyway, the Onk has 4 HDMI inputs so I can hook up an HTPC, PS3 and whatever else I might buy in the future. The video upscaling is average or worse, but that's not a problem as both the HTPC and the PS3 have superior upscaling for DVD, and none needed for Blu-Ray. The Onk is also pretty big, but again not a problem as I have a nice audio cabinet to stuff it in.

    For a TV I have a Pioneer Elite 50" plasma, which for cinema is top-rated.

    Wish I had run speaker wire behind the walls since I bought my house before it was completed, but Home Depot sells some paintable conduit that I can run along the baseboards for inconspicuous placement..
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