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RAID 0 Setup Questions

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August 21, 2005 10:55:01 PM

Alright im new to the forums but ive been visiting the site for a few years now...soooo whats up!?!? .....and yes i do like long walks on the beach if anybody wants one...or to go on one... :redface: "OOOHHHHH STOP IT!"
Anywho's the grand-rents have it set in their minds that they want the <b>ULTIMATE MEDIA DEKSTOP PC!!!</b> ....which my grandfather just almost exploded cus i told him to get rid of the FX 5200 POS and put in a 5700......but hey im all excited. Alright here are the specs:

Pentium 4 3.0 GHZ 800Mhz FSB, 2X 1GB Corsair PC3200, Gigabyte GA81PE1000 ProG Mobo, MSI nVidia 5700.....non pro...., Creative Labs Audigy 2 ZS, 3 Western Digital 120 GB HD's, Lite-On DVD ROM, Lite-On CD-RW, Lite-On DVD-RW. They also got 1 floppy and 1 zip drive. And i think the PSU is a Antec 400 Watt....isnt that a little underpowered?
Oh and yes my 70 year old grand-rents can build computers...they just like doing it on the carpet for some reason and they dont believe in static electricity...thats why they're RMA'ing 2 GB of Corsair right now.

Now i dont know why they wanted RAID but they do so i asked them if they wanted the speed or the reliability...they want the speed, who doesnt.... Windows XP is already installed so thats probably gonna be an issue with PROMISE (SATA 150TX2PLUS PCI) thats the card they gave me. Im thinking about plugging 2 of the 120 GB's into it and setting up Striping on them. They also want the DVD burner hooked up to it but i dont know or think if thats even possible. As usual the manual says plug everything in and boot with new jumper settings, its even worse than a motherboard manual.

Basically all i needed help with is setting up the 3 optical drives and the 3 harddisks on the computer. 1 Disk will be for the operating system and the other 2 for all their Multimedia DVD burning stuff that they want to make from all of their video tapes and they want the RAID 0 for this. I'm just asking cus i really dont want to explode their computer....Ive built 'em before but i dont know too much about RAID.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions. :wink:

<i>I'm a Sneakytiki!!!</i>

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August 21, 2005 11:36:57 PM

Sorry....the computer's already built with the hardware specs listed above....i was just wondering if it was possible to hook up 3 harddisks and 3 optical drives while using 2 of the harddisks on a RAID 0 array. ive been reading and i was wondering if its possible to set up the main harddrive and the 3 optical drives directly into the mainboard and the other 2 harddisks onto the SATA controller.

<i>I'm a Sneakytiki!!!</i>
August 24, 2005 1:23:00 AM

Alright after reading around the forum i was able to get everything set up and working fine. The only problem is the 2 harddrives attached to the PROMISE card are reading as 74 GB each with 69 available and they're actually 120 GB WD's. Do i need to use a program like partition magic to get the full 240 GB or 220 GB of storage space?

Thanks in advance for any help.

<i>I'm a Sneakytiki!!!</i>
August 24, 2005 10:11:36 AM

And they're not least thats what im being told....somebody's life may be coming to an end soon... :eek: 

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August 24, 2005 7:48:11 PM

yes sir i do.

<i>I'm a Sneakytiki!!!</i>
August 24, 2005 9:57:50 PM

......i apoligize and i now subject myself to any flaming or whatever.....the g-rents forgot that they had switched the 2 120's with 2 raptors, which i found out after i ripped the harddrives out and checked them.....crazy....

<i>I'm a Sneakytiki!!!</i>
August 24, 2005 11:07:26 PM

Alright, one more thing. Ive ripped out the zip drive and burnt all their zip stuff to cd's. Im setting up RAID on 2 harddrives with the OS installed on another because they have 2 of each harddrive (2 74GB raptors, 2-80GB's and 2-120GB's) I was wondering which would generally be better. Having the raptor as the main harddrive with RAID setup on two 120GB's or using the 120 and having the 2 raptors set up on the RAID? Throwing that stupid zip drive makes everything soooooooo much easier.....thanks again for the help.

<i>I'm a Sneakytiki!!!</i>
August 24, 2005 11:36:33 PM

Four of them are....the 80's and the Raptors. As for the 120's they're IDE.

<i>I'm a Sneakytiki!!!</i>
August 25, 2005 3:46:00 AM

Just something for you to consider, you really don't need the 3 optical drives, the DVDRW will do everything.

Because a lot of people have invested money into them they don't want to depart with them, but you really don't need 3 optical drives.

Kudos if your grands can work on computers! I think thats excellent! :smile:

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August 25, 2005 4:27:47 AM

lol yeah i told them just makes it easier for them i guess. One for reading, one for burning CD's and the other for burning DVD' least thats what they told me. I guess they're converting all their VCR tapes to DVD's.

<i>I'm a Sneakytiki!!!</i>
August 26, 2005 4:24:31 AM

i setup a basic 0 array for them so they got the raptors working. It was a pain to istall the mobo raid chipset driver, windows kept ignoring it for some reason. So i just set up the Raid after i installed XP and it worked. The PROMISE cards BIOS failed for some reason and i flashed it with the newest version, still no luck but i seriously doubt they need all that extra space. Thanks for all the help. And yeah im curious about that intel matrix 0,1.

<i>I'm a Sneakytiki!!!</i>
August 26, 2005 4:50:25 AM

Its RAID 0+1 on two HDs. A partition is created that allows the OS to see the 2 HDs as 4. It has alot of advantages and neat little tricks. Migration being the one that I like the best.

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