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2.1 home system with car subwoofer (PICS)

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Last response: in Home Audio
November 29, 2009 4:33:44 AM

Hi!, I'm about to buy the SA240-B plate amplifier in amazon or parts express, the question that i have is:

i have the subwoofer box and the subwoofer (10" 500w, no rms), ok, but also i have two small (but powerfull) satellital speakers for mid-high sounds, i don't have any more amplifier. can my satllites work whit the SA240-B high output without any other amplifier?? like a 2.1 sound system??

thanks in advance!!!

pd: if you know any other plate amplifier, for that price range (if it's cheaper, better), that works for my setup.

amplifier link:

More about : home system car subwoofer pics

December 18, 2009 6:23:07 PM

hey, there has passed some time, i'm a bass shake lover, and i buyed the Dayton sa240-b 2 weeks ago and it arrived today , ohh man i'm so happy that i can't describe how much. ok, this is some pics of the amplifier and my setup, there is no subwoofer o sub box becuase i'm fixing it, making the amplifier enclosure and sealing it, the i'll post more pics soon!! with the box dimensions and the subwoofer characteristics.

the Dayton sa240-b in plain

the satellital speakers that i mentioned before (15 RMS)

speaker cables

Auto on(on signal) and phase feature(rev or normal)

32 bands pioneer equalizer(16+16) sg-60

my pc(320, ocz gold 2GB ddr2 800, phenom x4 9550, gigabite ga-ma78g-ds3h, damaged 8800gt)
December 20, 2009 3:17:30 PM

there is the amp+box:

MDF box

3.5" pvc for the port tube

for a 10" subwoofer
January 3, 2010 8:09:02 PM

hey happy new year, ok, after readin many, so many posts (and many more) about car sub at home, anybody told if it works or not, everybody speaking about spl, quality and other tings, i decided to risk, and i have no regrets!
i decided to buy PIONEER because here in Colombia they are cheap.
yesterday i went to the "black market" (is like wallmart, but they don't pay any taxes), finally i decide for the PIONEER TS-W258-D2 (like us50). here are the pics:

man when i put this thing on and try this test:

E V E R Y T H I N G in my room was shaking, the door, the closet, me, what can i say, IT SOUNDS GREAT!.
i can't believe a 10" car subwoofer can do this.