Need help on selecting UPS (pure vs simulated sine wave

I'm looking to buy a UPS for a new 46" HDTV LCD 1018p 120hz, receiver, blu-ray and Klipsh sub-woofer. Looking for UPS with surge suppression/power distribution...probably 1.5kva. Would this work?
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  1. contact the manufacturer and ask them if the power supply can be used with a simulated sine wave.

    the power supply and power filter will determine whether or not if its okay.

    if the manufacturer wont tell you.. then you will need to bring in those pieces of hardware into an electronics repair shop to have them tell you if the pieces on the circuit board are able to work with a simulated sine wave.

    if the electronics repair person cant tell you, perhaps its probably best that you get in touch with reality and realize that they dont know what they are doing, but simply guessing and hoping that each piece they use as a replacement for repair will work.

    the downside to taking it to an electronics repair person is probably the simple fact that they will need a spare power supply and power filter (power board) to use for the test.

    maybe you dont break it when you realize that it wont work with a simulated sine wave.. but you might take years off of the lifespan and it will break before it really should.
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