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Running windows 7 ultimate (64bit) on an asus board with a HD 5450 video card in addition to integrated hdmi video on the board, no audio from the hdmi output to either the TV set speakers or to the speakers of my component system.

Also when I go to control panel > sound, the hdmi connection indicates that it is unplugged.

I have seen a couple of articles on this site that advise making the hdmi the default connection but this option is not selectable (grayed out).

Anyone know how to resolve this so that the audio will be transmitted with the video via the hdmi cable?

If anyone has a link or knowledge addressing this, it would be appreciated as I have been unable to find anything on this with a Windows 7 64bit operating system....

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  1. I'm having the same issues now with my 5770. I read on one site to try out audio drivers straight from Realtek. Look for hd audio drivers there.

    The link below is to their hd audio driver page. There is a specific download for ATI HDMI audio.


    Hope this helps, I'll update more after I try it out.
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