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Windows XP version possible issue to upgrading

Ok, I'm going to be building a new PC. I have a copy of Windows XP Pro that a friend gave me 6.5 years ago and that I installed in my current computer. My objective is to ultimately upgrade to Windows 7 the cheapest way possible. I figure I will do this by first installing the copied version of Windows XP Pro on my new system and then buying the upgrade pack when prices go down when Windows 8 goes full retail.

Question is, will this plan work? I see two areas of potential problems. First, I may not be able to install onto a new computer. Second, even if I am, will I be able to install the upgrade to Windows 7 if I don't have a true version.

The reason I have more concerns is that I know I can't install applications like Microsoft Security Essentials because it somehow manages to determine that my version may not be "genuine." I believe I have also installed this version of windows on yet an even older computer and I remember that that computer had this pop up in the lower right hand corner saying my version was not genuine. I don't know why I don't have that pop up on my current computer but I just don't want any problems on my new build.

Thanks for all the help.
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    Since you have a pirated copy of Windows now, you'll have to buy the full retail version, not the upgrade. You do not meet the requirements for the upgrade, so it would be a pirated version as well if you installed it.

    Also, since assisting with pirated software is against the rules of Tom's forums, do not be surprised to find this thread locked.
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