BenQ g2400WD vs Samsung 2443BW

Hey All,

Im looking to get a new 24" monitor to go with my new gaming PC that im getting next week, but atm im stuck between the two choices of:

benQ G2400WD and the Samsung 244BW.

Both are at the resolution of 1920x1200 have similar response times and just appear very similar altogether.
Thing is I live in Australia and the benQ is aout $100 cheaper than the Samsung.

Any help in deciding would be great.

Thanks in Advance.
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  1. Can anybody recommend whic monitor to get or if i should get a totally different one.
  2. imho benq 2400wd is better. I however do not own either, but have read reviews for both.

    that said, i think you cant make a mistake with either.

    I found this site:,bGZkbJiWmJTKYsg,bGdkbZiVmJbKYMg,!/

    I found it very interesting. They have many monitors reviewed in very technical way. Much less subjective and totally objective with no commentaries on anything.

    Being a 24“ shopper myself, the models you named, sparked my interest as well. Now the site, doesnt have those 2 models exactly reviewed, but as you can tell in the link, it does have similar models.

    For benq i took g2400w, the predecessor of wd (you can see the difference on the official benq site). And as for Samsung I took t240, a generally recognizable superior model to 2443bw. As can see, a hardly ideal comparison, but I think that its very interesting nonetheless.

    In addition I included lg w2442pa-bf as the monitor they recommend in this category. If you haven’t by now, scroll down to the test results on that page.

    As for me, I wont be buying the recommended model. It’s a bit out of my price range… I will go for asus vh242h, also reviewed on the site. If you have the money for samsung 2443bw, you should have the money for the recommenced lg 2442pa, so you should be set.
  3. I ended up getting g2400wad. its same as wd in everything, save for inputs. This one has vga only. vga connection is 100% identical to dvi, no sharper or less coloristic or whatever- its exactly the same, so there is no actuall difference when using it along with a pc with a good graphic card (good= you actually have a dedicated graphic card).

    I love this monitor. Only bone i have with it, arent the viewing angles, like i thought it would. I dont mind the angles at all, they're more than acceptable and monitor is smoothly tiltable up and down to adjust for my current seating- sofa, bed or the chair. Like most reviews of this monitor note- colors are perfect, brightness and darkness uniformity is great, response time is actually better than my old crt- less ghosting on black to white transitions, and its overall amazing monitor.

    What I dont like is the black level. Backlight bleeding is minimal at the very edges, but at its darkest, its a dark gray. Very dark gray, to be sure, but not black. That said, in normal usage you cant tell this. Contrast is very high, and dont be mislead with the "low" 250cd/m² illumination, or 186cd/m² measured at hardware info. Its lower than some other monitors, but the brightness at 75% is as high as my crt could do. Any higher, and it hurts my eyes.

    And just so you know, I had professional hansol 920p monitor, so these are actually incredibly good results for such a cheap 24". Better in every respect save for the true black- impressive.
  4. I work in an office in Sydney where these two monitors are on adjacent desks. Today we put them together and displayed the same documents and pictures.
    There was no doubt that the Samsung was brighter and sharper than the Benq and much more attractive.
    I have just ordered the Samsung online for A$445 inc delivery in Sydney. Hope this helps.
  5. I've been using a BENQ G2400WD for a couple months and I've been very impressed, other than a rather noticeable [on dark backgrounds] stuck red sub-pixel just outside the center portion for which it would be warranted. As eaodo noted with the wad model, it has a great response and no noticeable input lag if you're into gaming. I've been very impressed with the quality for standard dvd and bd movies (sourced from a standalone player) and I've become a hulu junkie in the last few weeks - all these sources look great.

    The WD model has both a single DVI, HDMI, and VGA input. Black levels could be better with the room lights dimmed, but it's on the better end of what you get with TN-based panel. I recommend turning down the brightness because the default setting is eye-searing and contrast and black levels look better with a more moderate overall brightness.

    Check out for a great reference of many models compiled by dedicated consumers and some recommendations based on how you intend to use it.
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