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I currently have a sb audigy (the original) sound card and I building a new system. The mobo is the MSI Neo4 SLI so I heard it has decent onboard sound. Should I use the sb audigy since I have it or would the onboard be a better choice?
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  1. build the computer with the onboard enabled. Listen to it for awhile. put your audigy in and compare. Its totally up to you. Everyone has different hearing and likes.
    Most onboard sound chips are very good compared to years ago. i have been using my onboard (nforce 3) and it does 5.1 surround with sound effects (if wanted). A couple of games I will get some clicks in the audio but overall it does a very good job.
  2. I'd agree with sturm. Onboard nowadays have dolby and eax support.

    However a new sound card can handle more sounds at a time and at a higher frequency which is especially important for games (obviously done through hardware and not software)

    Also meaning less usage on the cpu.

    I decided not to use my sound card (though it was way better than my onboard) because i use a pci video card and took up too much bandwidth over my pci bus.

    I did actually discover new sounds in game btw.
  3. I guess the one thing that really confuses me is that the onboard is a creative sb live but with 7.1 audio. I thought the live didn't even support 5.1. That is where I am figuring my audigy may as well be used. I always thought that the audigy was better than the live.
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