Sony vaio no screen no os how to setup windows

hey i have the same problem with my sony vaio tz series. The lcd screen is completly removed since it broke. I had been using the external monitor through the vga and it would show only when the windows once it was loaded. I had been using it like that for several days. Now the problem i have is the laptop somehow doesnt seem to boot or load windows now n i cant see the bios. I tried pressing f10 for revoery but i cant see nothing either. Is there a way i can see the recovery utillty. Also the laptop is trying to read the dvd drive. If i get the recovery disc how will i be able to install a new copy of windows. Will i be able to see nething if i load the disc in dvd drive.

JASE you mentioned selecting VGA basis from the extra's menu????? what are you talkin bout here can u explain this thanks in advance
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  1. Dude, I really suggest you have the laptop's display fixed!
  2. i figured out i accidently deleted sum boot files in c: how do recover os now ne ideas thanks
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