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I recently bought an RCA receiver with 5.1 surround sound. I have a blu ray player, HDTV, Xbox, and a wii. I just have everything hooked to the surround sound with RCA cables (red white). It seems like when I watch movies that the voices of people are really quiet and the explosions are super loud. I have never used the opitcal fiber plugs in a surround sound, but have the option with my blu ray player and new receiver. Is this the best way to get the full affect of my surround sound? Do I need to get a fiber cable? thank you for any help
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  1. No, the fiber cable will not really change that. What you need to do is raise the volume of the center channel speaker, that is primarily the voice channel.
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    A lot of receivers also have a "dialog enhancer" mode, which basically boosts low-level audio signals to the center speaker whilst leaving the high-level signals alone, at least in the speech frequency band of up to 3KHz.

    However from the description of your wiring setup, it seems you are only using stereo connections to your 5.1 receiver. Thus you need to select 2-channel (not 5.1) audio output from your BD discs, and also set your receiver to either 2 channel output or simulated surround-sound (which emulates 5.1 output using a 2-channel input).

    If your receiver has at least one HDMI input & an HDMI output, use those to connect your BD player to the receiver and the receiver to the TV. If not, then get an optical cable to connect the BD player to the receiver for true 5.1 audio. In either case, I'd agree with soundguruman that you need to adjust your speaker outputs for the best listening experience at the seating location you most commonly use when watching movies. Many AV receivers include a microphone that you place at the normal seat positions and automatically calibrate the speaker output.
  3. if you have hdmi options on the surrond sound it provides pic and sound.fiber optics prove as true sound as for as the isue with voices versus explosions some times movies are formatted to do that and /or adjust the level of all your speakers in the set up of your surrond sound.
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