Which is best canon or sony digital camera

i wanna know whose camera is best canon or sony or kodak?
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  1. aakanksha said:
    i wanna know whose camera is best canon or sony or kodak?

    Buy Canon powershot s95 Best Point and shoot camera out there. Stepping stone to learning photography and later upgrade to a DSLR Nikon d7000
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  2. the S95 ..? are you kidding ..? what bout the bridge cams and super zooms ..? they cost the same ..? the bridge cams in particular have better image quality than the S95. I mean the Olympus VG110 has better specs ..
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  3. S95 = 20 grand INR down the drain :/ rather get a DSLR straight up ..the D3100 costs 25000
    and Id get the Olympus VR320 ..its 10000 ..12x zoom ..14 MP ..720p HD ..3200 ISO ..good cam :)
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  4. Though from amongst these ..
    The Canon cams have great image quality and clarity but dont have image stabilization ..so they blur pretty easy ..
    The Kodaks have Easy Share ..nothing special there
    The Cybershots are amazing but need the much more expensive Memory Sticks and Pro Duo mem cards and the cams are costly too. The W560 isnt as well specced as the Olympus VG140 or the Canon Powershot A2200 but costs 11000 while the VG140 costs 7000
    The Olympus just seem right ..decent cost ..good image quality ..digital stabilization ..720p HD (some cams like the VG140 or the VR320) ..and are well built from a reputed brand ..
    You could also look into Pentax ..nothing special ..just regulation cams ..well put together though ..
    dunno if theyre available in India though
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