Cheapest Laptop Capable of Graphic Design?

Hi Guys

In short, I am a graphic designer and I would like to sometimes not have to sit at my desk while I work. The programs I mainly use are Photoshop / Illustrator. My price range for a laptop is $500-650. Every laptop I see in that range has a garbage integrated graphics card.

Does anyone know of a laptop that has a dedicated graphics card capable of running photoshop and playing DVDs for less than $650?

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  1. Well, even for PS and Illustrator, a "garbage integrated graphics card" should provide enough power for most tasks related to the applications.

    In any case, Dell offers relatively powerful laptops with dedicated graphics sometimes for $500. I suggest you check Dell's website.
  2. Photoshop isn't GPU accelerated. You really won't notice a difference between a notebook with one and without one. All you really need for photoshop is a nice, large, high-res screen, 2+GB of memory, and a high-clocked dual core CPU.
  3. Yup, I agree with frozen, A good processor and a nice large, clear screen is much more important for 2d graphics work.
  4. Ok awesome
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