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I purchased an acer aspire 8730G, which came with windows vista home premium 64bit. On the laptop, there is a media controller thingy on the right side of the keyboard ( - pic related.

Basically, it controls sound and media on the laptop, and I find it very useful. The problem is, after installing windows 7, and all the drivers accordingly, this media controller still doesn't work. Acer is telling me to reinstall windows vista, which I really don't want to do.

My question, what would the media controller be listed as under the device manager, and is there a way I can find an independent driver for it. Acer tech support is just awful.

If I missed any information, I will do my best to add it when requested.

Thanks a bunch,
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  1. That's weird... the software that makes the media controller work in Vista should also make it work on Windows 7... are you sure you haven't tried installing that?
  2. r_manic, When installing Windows 7, it removes the software that controls the touch side bar on the laptop that controls the volume and not the sound drivers themselves... thus I am having the same issue myself where I can no longer use the side media controls on the side which was controlled by the "Acer Audio Manager" as this software was removed due to compatibility issues with Windows 7... and Windows 7 Installation asked you and showed you as well that it will remove this software before continuing to install Windows 7.

    Thus at the present moment there is no software with Windows 7 for this, and can only wait for Acer to comply and make a version of the "Acer audio Manager" that is compatible with Windows 7, until then, no use for the touch media on the laptop.

    dumbguylol, the controller for the sound was just simply software modifying its parameters... but for the sound drivers themselves under device manager, its Sound>High Definition Audio Device.
  3. I am having the same problem as you, but i know what the problem is and i don't think that its fixable. The problem is that the "acer power manager" is not compatible with windows 7. and i have know idea if they are going to make a compatible version for windows 7.
  4. Just install the Dritek Manager... I had the same problem... but download the one for Windows Xp 32Bit... you're better off than with the Vista/7 Versions...

  5. Dude, I exactly have the same laptop and I have replaced VISTA with WIN7 ULTIMATE x64 everything works smooth even the up&down voice control; only brings the volume down till a particular place but the rest works fine!!!

    Maybe you are doing something wrong!

    Thank you.
  6. I've installed Windows 7 32bit and have the same problem, my volume control doesn't change the volume on the side. The other problem is the eSettings Management doesn't work. Driteck didn't help the volume problem. The Acer Bio Protection disabled almost all of my Bios functionality so I can't make changes to Bios, can only change the date/time & user password/hdd password.

    Acer is useless in the support arena, they never answer a question without trying to get money. I begged them for Windows 7 since Vista 64bit is a broken unfinished OS that is incompatible with most products and applications. They showed their lack of concern for the consumer by pushing me to register then telling me they couldn't help me and it would be my problem if I decided to install Windows 7. Bummer that I missed the upgrade to Windows 7 by 1 month. My new problem with Bios happened 1 month after warranty expired, what timing. Your best chance of support is the community, Acer support is a waste of time. Great laptop if you can get Windows 7 features to work but Vista 64bit was a real boat anchor requiring constant fixes.

    My guess is that the Windows 7 64bit works with the applications Acer provides for the Aspire 8730 but not with the Windows 7 32bit OS. May have to try finding a similar model that ACER sells with Windows 7 32bit and try that application for Audio Management. I'm still trying to compare models to find a similar compatible application from ACER.
  7. I had the same problem and finally, after 2 years, managed to get it to work.

    1. I deinstalled the LM Manager and rebooted
    2. I installed the Acer Empowering Technology SW
    3. I installed the eSettings Management
    4. I installed the Vista LM Manager -- This required a bit of hacking

    The Vista LM Manager won't install on Win7 out of the box.
    - Unpack the package
    - edit setup inf
    - add 2 lines to the INF section (shown bold below)


    WinNT 5 1 MCE Setup-File = InstScript\Setup.MCE
    WinNT 5 64 Setup-File = InstScript\Setup.x64
    WinNT 5 1 Setup-File = InstScript\Setup.XP
    WinNT 6 0 Setup-File = InstScript\Setup.lh
    WinNT 6 0 MCE Setup-File = InstScript\SetupMCE.lh
    WinNT 6 64 Setup-File = InstScript\Setup.v64
    WinNT 6 64 MCE Setup-File = InstScript\SetupMCE.v64

    WinNT 6 1 Setup-File = InstScript\Setup.lh
    WinNT 6 1 MCE Setup-File = InstScript\SetupMCE.lh

    WinNT 5 1 XPE Setup-File = InstScript\SetupXPE.xp

    Now it works! The eSettings does NOT work correctly, but I'm happy now.

    As always, if you perform the above, you're on your own. I'm not responsible
    for any problems.
  8. sefarm said:

    4. I installed the Vista LM Manager
    - edit setup inf
    - add 2 lines to the INF section (shown bold below)

    I have an Acer 8730G and Windows 7 Professional. I can confirm this is working, but the only steps I performed is what's highlighted above. You do not need to install any additional Acer bloatware if you just want to get the volume controls working. Which is all I wanted to do. It's been a long time since I installed Windows 7 on this laptop and the touchpad volume controls have never functioned properly.

    The only puzzling thing left to figure out: Have the touchpad controls on this laptop always been this awful? I tested the touchpad while staring at the Windows volume mixer, and no matter what movements I make, the volume doesn't want to go up or down fluidly. I can only increase or decrease the volume in large, 10-15% steps.

    I haven't been able to use these controls for about three years now so my memory of how they worked in Vista is really fuzzy. It's too bad Acer has zero support and don't care about the suckers who buy their junk hardware, else I'd just tell them to fix this issue. I'm sick of trying to clean up someone else's mess.
  9. I have solved it!

    1. step: unnistal old version of launch manager in your pc
    2. step: go to - support - drivers - enter a model name...
    3. step: next to the bar with languages is a bar, where you can choose latest or all versions - choose all -
    4. step: install marked version

    I hope it will help and sorry for my english. :hello:
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