Take apart gateway nv5814u

I have a Gateway NV5814U that appears to have a bad power switch. This is the first time I have had to repair a laptop with the start button on the hinge. This appears to be a common problem since my regular supply houses are out of the buttons.
The symptom is the machine will not boot with or without the battery, or the hard drive. it is just dead-
Any ideas?
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  1. I'd guess it's not the power switch itself.

    More likely a component on the power board inside which will often stop a laptop working with either battery or external PSU.

    Was there a burning smell ?
  2. Nope no burning- she shut her pc down and when she went to restart it it was dead. I did get it apart. When I jumped across the leads from the switch (which has a little tiny board in it) the pc starts fine. Now just waiting on a switch board to become available. Thanks all. :hello:
  3. Anybody got a link to a good laptop parts house by the way? I nr=eed to get this unit back soon and dont want to forget how to put in back together or I will be asking for help again.
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