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How fix lines in a lcd panel

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March 6, 2011 11:12:28 PM

I dropped my electronic dictionary and now I have vertical lines running through the screen. Is there anyway to fix this problem or do I need to buy a new one?

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April 13, 2011 7:51:39 PM

I'm sure it would be way cheaper to get a new one. But also, why on earth would you need one of those now with everything online?
April 14, 2011 4:48:52 AM

you are asking if the thing can be reset or if the screen can be replaced or if it is cheaper to buy a new one.

sometimes the controller can detect when there is a problem with one of the pixels, and the entire row of pixels will be 'shut off' to avoid further damage.
for example.. if you drop the screen and some of the liquid in the pixel gets jammed or spills out into a different pixel.. the electricity used to turn that pixel on and off will be wrong.
the error can be a short circuit (touching positive and negative wires)
the error can be an excessive resistance (asking/demanding more electricity than normally necessary)

so either one of those examples could cause the controller to die.
and turning off the pixel helps prevent the controller from death.

if those lines EVER change.. that usually means the liquid in the pixel spilled into a different pixel.
and when one pixel is supposed to get lit up (or darken) the surrounding pixels have a new resistance.. that resistance might steal the electricity (turns on the pixels to soak up the electricity)
that resistance might ignore the electricity (the pixel never lights up or gets dark)

they say its cheaper to buy a new one, one reason is because replacing the screen might be difficult when the solder joints are tiny.
another reason is because, if you do replace the screen, you dont know if the controller has been damaged from abnormal functioning.
and if the controller has been functioning abnormally, the pieces that provide power to the controller might have been working extra hard (meaning they might break soon)

when one thing goes wrong, the entire assembly can come crumbling down.
so if you have a special place in your heart for the piece of hardware, you might end up replacing everything until the only thing left is the plastic case and keyboard keys.
some people dont care if that is all that remains, other people are sensitive and changing the insides is enough to consider the entire thing 'new' or 'different'

getting a screen that fits or has the same inputs/outputs.. that can be difficult.
every situation is different?
if you want to keep it because of love for the device, its probably best to take the battery out and put it in storage.
because even changing the screen.. it can be enough to change the 'innocent feeling' of the piece of hardware.

if the thing is worth saving, it is normally suggested to put it in storage and get another one (if you need to replace it) and when the new one breaks, put it in storage too.
that way you can say 'this one was when i _____.'
'and this one was when i _____.'

if you say 'i used this when _____ happened.. and when ____ happened, but then the screen broke and i replaced it.. then ____ happened and then _____ happened.'
the person listening to the story will feel the removal of 'innocent' or a feeling of 'new'
it can degrade your presentation.. BUT it does add value to the piece of hardware.
some people feel the hardware was repaired and just kept on going.
other people..
they feel the hardware that hasnt required any repairs is the better option.

i feel both.. the repaired piece of hardware was fixed and kept on going (has seen and done more things)
the broken piece of hardware was stored after it broke and 'saved in time'
but, the 'saved in time' story is something i generally dont care about.. the story doesnt have anything to do with me, and thus the story is special for the person owning the piece of hardware (or the person who bought the piece of hardware as a gift).

if your dad bought an atari or nintendo, and you and him played the video game system together quite often.. maybe your mother would want to keep the broken video game system.
its like saying 'this thing provided fun that me and dad shared together'
and its a symbol of that time.. as well as a symbol of how much technology has evolved (grown).
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April 19, 2011 9:48:19 AM

I would suggest turning the thing off and removing power from it, power adapter or batteries. Wait for 10 minutes and power the thing again, fitting batteries or power adapter.

If the thing functions again the way you want it to, O.K. Otherwise, you may consider buying a new one, calling the service center, etc., whichever applies.
April 23, 2011 9:44:58 AM

It is best to buy a new one.