Computer keeps turning itself on and off on start up

Ok so my laptop (HP Pavilion Dv6000)doesnt want to turn on. When I go to start the bugger all it does is gives me a black screen for like 10 secs and turns itself off and back on and will continue to do this until I just turn it off all together. Then I try again same thing. I have no idea what is wrong with the thing. The night before this started it froze when I was in the middle of typing a paper so I did a hard shut down now it wont work. Please help!!!

Thanks mates!

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  1. You've got a pretty bad hardware problem - is the machine under warranty?

    If it isn't, you're going to have to take it apart and breadboard it - try and get it to POST with the minimal amount of hardware.
  2. No its not under warranty.

    I tried it again today and it did absoluetly nothing. No lights didnt hear any fans nothing. I think it bit the big one. Oh wells I am going to get a Mac screw HP nothing but problems with them.

    Thanks anyways Frozen.

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