TJ65 - System shuts down while playing games

I got a Packard Bell Easynote TJ65, and it keeps shutting down instantly while I try to play games like WoW, Lotro...

I purched this computer at beginning of this year when win7 first came out so it's been working fine for months. I did play a few games on it now and then. I played "Dragon Age Origins" without any problems, except the left part of the laptop just heats and and heats up till you really can't hold your hand on the keyboard. I mean it wouldn't burn or anything, but it really heats up till the point you get really uncomfortable.

I used to play WoW with my old PC,which was a Dell with 256 mg graphics card (don't remember the GPU). But that computer was inferior to my new one at any level (CPU, GPU, Ram,...). I bought that one in 2007 and although that one also heated up, I don't remember it just shutting down instantly. It would just slow down and it would also get really hot.

So I'm guessing my problem is the heating up of the Graphics card. Can i confirm that diagnosis, and find a solution? How can I see the temperature of my graphics card?

Any help will be most appreciated, thanks.

System Overview:
Packard Bell Easynote TJ65
1 GB Geforce GT 240M
intel Core2Duo 2.8
4 GB Ram
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  1. Do you have a laptop Cooler?

    google HWMonitor by cpuid for your temps
  2. The_Lurker said:
    Do you have a laptop Cooler?

    google HWMonitor by cpuid for your temps

    yes, after i posted,i started using a program for gpu temperature and also a cooler. Now it seems to stabilize around 72 Celsius, sometimes goes up to 80... Using this product, I seem to overcome the problem of overheating:

    thnx for the reply.
  3. I glad that seemed to fix the heating issues. Enjoy your gaming
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