How do I get Samsung 2333SW to 75hz? Nvidia only shows 59hz and 60hz a

How do I get Samsung 2333SW to 75hz? Nvidia only shows 59hz and 60hz as options.
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  1. If you are using a DVI connection, then it is limited to 60Hz.

    Using VGA connection will probably get you 75Hz, but generally speaking, many internal LCD monitor electronics reduces 75Hz signals to 60Hz signals anyway.
  2. okey, but i had a 961bf from samsung, why did nivida show 75hz as an option then and not now? using the same versions and what so ever. Was 961 a special lcd with higher refreshrate than usual?

    used / using DVI on both
  3. While the 961BF probably allowed you to select 75Hz using DVI-D, it most likely stepped it down to 60Hz internally. Therefore, no difference.

    LCD monitors are basically designed to run at 60Hz because that's the frequency that the DVI-D port is designed to operate at.

    Also "refresh rate" for CRTs and LCD represents different things. Response time in LCD refers to how fast things can be drawn on the screen whereas for CRT it is known as refresh rate. "Refresh rate" for a LCD refers to the number of times per second the video card sends digital signals to the LCD monitor.
  4. The link below is a review of a 120Hz monitor, specifically the Samsung 2233RZ (different from the monitor talked about in this thread).

    Some important info on Page 1:

    The refresh rate of 75Hz is available on most models but provides no practical benefits and is even emulated in some monitors by the electronics – the matrix works at 60Hz while the redundant frames are just dropped out. The bandwidth of the DVI interface imposes a limitation, too.

    Some important info on Page 2:

    A Dual-Link DVI-D cable is included with the monitor. If you have to purchase it separately, take note that you will not be able to get the 120Hz refresh rate from this monitor with a Single-Link cable.

    For someone who don't understand like ryanracer48, two DVI connections are required to operate this monitor in 120Hz mode. That's 60Hz x 2 = 120Hz.

    Yeah, I guess we know who the idiot is. However, I prefer using the word dumbass
  5. I have been using several Samsung SyncMaster 191r Plus 19" monitors for many years. I run them in DVI mode at 75hz (on my Mac Pro i am offered 60hz and 75hz) because i have a visual problem that makes me nauseated when using monitors at a refresh rate below 70hz. Yes, this is in DVI not VGA. There are many people with the same problem, but for most of us 60hz is not a problem. But for those of us who have this problem, which is at yet un-named but i would call "monitor sea sickness", we can tell the difference between a 60hz and 70hz refresh on DVI. Therefore there must be some difference in how the monitor handles the signals.
  6. Back to the problem. It probably says somewhere your monitor is rated for 30hz - 75hz.

    Thats for different resolutions. Most LCDs can't display over 60hz at their native resolution. If you run it down to the lowest resolution, 75hz will become available but I would advise against that because it taxes image quality way too much.
  7. Quote:
    Your an idiot..

    120hz lcd monitors use DVI cables you douche...

    obviously DVI supports over 60hz

    Research before you post.

    I suggest you read the Rules of Conduct before you post. Attacking another member is cause for being banned.

    Horizontal Refresh Rate 30~81kHz
    Vertical Refresh Rate 56~75Hz
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