Old Comp, New SATA Drive New XP Install... Ack!

So I have a new Samsung Spinpoint drive (SP8012C) and an old MB; KT7-Raid with a 750mHz-ish TBird CPU. I purchased a PCI Serial Host Controller Card (SYBA Silicon Image SIL-3112) since the MB has no SATA slots. This will be the only HD in the system so I am trying to perform a new install with Windows XP Pro. I only have the CPU, RAM, CDROM, Floppy, Vid Card, and PCI SATA Controller Card attached to the system.

Information included with the SATA card instructs me to install the PCI card and attach the data cable to the HD (which also has a power cable attached), and boot the computer from the CDROM to start Windows Installation. At this point I am instructed to hit F6 for third party or SCSI or driver installation. Then I insert a floppy disk that has the correct drivers on it and hit "S" to specify an additional device. I am then instructed to hit ENTER to continue with Windows setup.

At this point I am returned to the main Windows setup screen and instructed to hit ENTER to continue with installation. I do, and it says, "Setup did not find any hard disk drives attached to your computer." Hit f3 to exit. Bleh.

No idea what do do now... I have checked the cables over and over again; I know the HD is installed correctly since it is detected on startup and listed by model number. This is a brand new OEM HD I just bought from NewEGG; do I have to format it? (Though I know XP does this...) If so, how? Just the normal format c: ? This is my first SATA drive, is there something basic I am missing and/or don't know? Have I just picked incompatible parts? Say it isn't so...

Any help would be most appreciated, I feel like I hit a wall here.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Have you checked for updates/latest releases of the SATA card drivers?

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  2. No, I had not, good idea. I have now though and it didn't make a difference. Still stuck at the same spot.

    Any other ideas?


    ps - BTW, I did read the HDD FAQ and searched back through 40 pages of threads looking for a similar problem. I realize I could've just bought a cheap ATA/IDE drive, but I am planning on building a new comp in the next few months and just wanted to switch this HD right in. Have I screwed myself here? :(<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by mikeytd on 08/26/05 09:48 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  3. Have you set the bios to recognise the card?

    When booting do you see a boot screen for your PCI SATA card and options to enter setup mode for it? You might have to set the options there for the drive before windows will recognise it.

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  4. I have not set BIOS to recognize the card. However, upon boot the HD is recognized and I am given option to enter setup mode for it. I did so and the only options it provided were:

    Create RAID array
    Delete RAID array
    Rebuild Mirrored Set
    Resolve Conflicts
    Perform Low Level Format

    And below that on a seperate menu it lists my harddrive.

    I did perform the low level format, assuming it couldn't hurt anything, and retried the drivers to no effect. Still stuck at the exact same spot. :/

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