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As the thread title says, i want to connect my computer with my cable TV signal to watch high quality TV on it. I got the Windows media center (included with Windows 7 professional) so software shouldn't be a problem. But the big problem is that I got cablecom as a TV provider (I live in Switzerland...). They somehow code their signal so that a regular TV Tuner can't decode it or that's at least what I heard. To watch TV we got a so called "media box recorder, Cisco HD DVR" from cablecom (but the recording options are "locked" as i don't have the full subscription). I heard from somebody that it's possible to somehow "extract" the signal from the mediabox but i couldn't find anything online...
Can anybody help me? Just ask if you need more details.

Thanks a lot!

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  1. the cable connects to the input of the media box
    the media box output connects to the cable TV input on the computer
    The computer tuner stays on channel 3 all the time
    the media box channel is changed to view different channels

    extract? that's basically illegal
  2. but this way i couldn't use the regular TV at the same time which would be quite a problem (not that i watch TV at 2 places at the same time but other people want to watch TV too -.- )...
    And another bigger problem is that the media box is like 2 rooms away. I would need to cross almost the whole house to change the channel.
  3. sorry you need two media boxes, probably no other solution.
  4. that's an answer i didn't hope for.
    I might have to consider changing the provider which would mean that i would have to change the internet provider too (or pay much more). But before that i have to check first if any other provider is available...
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